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Wholesale Macadamia Nuts

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts !!.  Macadamia Nuts grow on evergreen trees with dark, glossy green leaves. The trees can reach 30 to 40 feet tall (9 to 12 metres), and be nearly as wide. They can be grown from seed, but because they will take 8 to 12 years to bear nuts this way, they are most often propagated by grafting, so that they will bear nuts reliably in 2 to 8 years. The roots of the tree spread out below the surface, rather than producing a large tap root like other trees. An average grafted tree will produce up to 50 pounds of nuts (22.5 kg) a year by the time it is 10 years old.

Natural Macadamia Nuts For Sale

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts !!.   There are about 9 different species of Macadamia trees. Only two of these, “Macadamia Integrifolia” and “Macadamia Tetraphylla”, produce nuts that are edible. The other 7 just produce nuts that are too small and that taste very bitter.

The nut of the “Macadamia Integrifolia” has a smooth shell, and is up to 80% oil. The “Macadamia Tetraphylla” nut has a rough shell and a bit of a lower fat content (65 to 75%.) There are now over 40 different cultivars that have been bred from these two species.

Macadamia Nuts For Sale

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts !!.    Macadamia Nuts grow with a very hard shell surrounded by a dark green husk. Inside the marble-sized nut is white. They are usually harvested by waiting for the nuts to fall to the ground, because shaking the tree can bring down nuts that aren’t ripe yet.

When eaten fresh off the tree, the texture of Macadamia Nut is creamy, almost like the inside of a fresh coconut. They must be dried for storage and shipping, however. Even when dried, they still end up with a rich, buttery flavour.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Wholesale Macadamia Nuts

Where Can I Buy Macadamia Nuts Online

We offer several grades of Macadamia Nuts as shown blow

Style 0 – Super Premium Whole Kernels:- Super premium wholes are the king of macadamias. They are sometimes called ‘super mac’ because of the exceptionally large kernels, which range from 20mm upwards. This style comprises no less than 95% large whole (+20mm) kernel, carefully screened to ensure consistency of color, texture and size

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 0 – Super Premium Whole Kernels

Style 1 – Premium Whole Kernels:- Premium wholes are the most popular macadamia shape and size, because of their versatility and value for money. Premium wholes consist of a minimum 95% whole kernel with a size range from 17mm to 20mm.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 1 – Premium Whole Kernels

Style 2 – Premium Wholes & Halves:- Premium wholes and halves is a 50/50 mixture of whole kernel and large halves ranging in size from 13mm upwards. This range is one of the most versatile styles, with a variety of commercial applications. The blend of wholes & halves can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 2 – Premium Wholes & Halves

Style 3 – Premium Cocktail Mix:- Premium cocktail mix is a style that fits between the table nuts and those used only as ingredients. Almost all half kernels or larger, with an average size larger than 13mm.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 3 – Premium Cocktail Mix

Style 4L – Premium Large Halves:- Premium large halves and pieces are the perfect sizing for retail snack packs. This size is most commonly used for creating the ‘flavoured’ snacks such as chilli & wasabi etc, screening not less than 13mm, with 85% half kernels.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 4L – Premium Large Halves

Style 4S – Premium Small Halves:- Premium macadamia small halves and pieces are approximately 25% half kernels. Style 4S screens are set to the smaller range of between 11mm and 13mm to provide kernel for those occasions when Style 4′s are too large.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 4S – Premium Small Halves

Style 5 – Premium Large Chips:- Premium large chips and pieces vary in size between 9mm and 11mm and deliver the perfect crunch in breakfast cereals, ice confection and cookies.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 5 – Premium Large Chips

Style 6 – Premium Chips:- Premium chips in sizes 4mm to 9mm. These chips are destined to be used by bakers, confectioners and chefs as ingredients, toppings or coatings in food preparation.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 6 – Premium Chips

Style 7 – Premium Small Chips:- Premium small chips in sizes 4mm to 6mm. These chips can be used in the food service industry in a similar way to Style 6, or as a specialty bread and pastry ingredient.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 7 – Premium Small Chips

Style 8 – Premium Fine Chips:- Premium fine chips are often selected by fine food establishments for use in sauces biscuits and desserts. 98% pass through a 4mm screen, producing 3mm to 5mm sizing.

Wholesale Macadamia Nuts
Style 8 – Premium Fine Chips