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White Rice For Sale

White Rice For Sale !!.   MAI GLOBAL GROUP is a premier supplier of quality rice to traditional European, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, African, North and South American cuisine by having a strong presence in almost all Rice exporting countries and partnerships across World. With a strong grasp of this business from origin countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, India, Pakistan and Brazil, we are able to deliver consistent quality at competitive prices to all countries in the world. Today, Mai Global Group is recognized as a prominent rice trader in some of the world’s most prominent markets.

Where Can I Buy Cheap White Rice Online

White Rice For Sale !!.  We supply all grades of White Rice with our specialties and specification for different grades or types of white Rice listed below. Our company-owned factories source their rice directly from chemical-free, non-GMO African, Thailand, Vietnamese and Indian farms. Efficient machines and trained workers shell, steam, peel, grade and package the rice in highly certified facilities that are maintained at high standards of hygiene. The rice are sold in bulk to US & Europe to famous brands, snack companies and roasters.

White Rice For Sale
White Rice For Sale (All Grades)

What is White Rice

White Rice For Sale !!.  This is ordinary white rice and can be used for most dishes. When cooked the rice has long tender grain. This rice can be mixed with brown rice or black rice to give it an extra value in vitamins and it make your dish look attractive. Normally, white long grain is offered in different grades depending on the market.

White Rice For Sale
White Rice For Sale

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White Rice For Sale !!.  A Critical Control Points (CCP) system is in place to ensure the highest quality of rice. Strict hygienic environment, machines and worker processes during the processing of rice, Processing time from steaming to packaging of finished products is strictly less than 12 days and Fumigation before vacuum packing in flexi packing infused with CO2+Nitrogen gases.

The grades we offer are as below.


Criteria Pakistan IRRI-6 Pakistan 100% Broken Vietnam 100% Broken Indian IR-64 100% Broken Indian Long Grain (Non basmati)
Broken 25% Max 100% 100% 100% 25% Max
Moisture 14% Max 14% Max 14% Max 14% Max 14% Max
Damaged, Shrivelled and Yellow Kernels 5% Max 1.5% Max 6% Max
Chalky Grains 12% Max 5% Max 6% Max
Foreign Grains 2% Max 0.5% Max 0.5% Max 1% Max
Paddy 0.8% Max NIL 0.5% Max 30 grains Max per kg
Under Milled & Red Stripped Kernels 4% Max 5% Max 1% Max
Milling Degree 14% Max Well Milled Brokens to be
obtained from
milling/polishing rice 5% and
Aflotoxin 5 PPB Max
Crop Year 2021/2022 2022
Description Normal/Regular Polished.
Free from alive weevils,
free from odours,
fresh fumigated
Silky Sortexed.
Free from live insects and
substantially free from dead insects.
Silky Sortexed.
Others Whole Grain 10/10:1% MaxBrokens 8/10-10/10:4% max

Brokens 6.5/10-8/10:15% max

Brokens 3/10-6.5/10:75% min

Small brokens C1:5% max

Whole kernel length average (mm):6.2

Average length: 6mm Min


White Rice For Sale
White Rice For Sale