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Used Clothes for sale,We are Turkish exporters of used clothing , Bags , Shoes, Toys, Towels , Bed sheets , Belts , Fashion caps and hats, etc. We have been in the used clothing business for more than 10 years.

Used Clothes for sale

One 40HQ maximum loading weight is <28660KG,usually we load near this weight.
A: For clothes of all kind:

100kg/bale: 285 (28.5 tons)
90kg/bale: 317 (28.53 tons)
80kg/bale: 356 (28.48 tons)
75kg/bale: 380 (28.5 tons)
60kg/bale: 475 (28.5 tons)
45kg/bale: 634 (28.53 tons)

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Used Clothes for sale,The wholesale price for used clothes presented on our website is for informational purposes only. The price of used cloth varies depending on factors – the volume of the order, method of payment, exchange rates and other factors.

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In order to find out the price of our used clothing or the price with delivery – send us the necessary application.

Used Clothes for sale