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Sesame Seeds For Sale

Sesame Seeds For Sale !!.  Mai Global Group is a committed supply chain managers of Sesame from African Countries to various countries in Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle east. Our emphasis on procuring quality products from the origins and cleaning it to meet customers demand hold us in good stead with a reputation for quality sesame shipments. We can supply Sesame with origin from Ethiopia, Burkina Faso & Turkey. Our investments in cleaning plants ensure a consistency of product and our presence on ground helps in reliability of logistics and ensuring timely shipments.

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Sesame Seeds For Sale !!.   Seeds have a varying array of nutritional value such as fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Mai Global group strives to meet the growing need for these products, all the while, maintaining an excellence in quality. We believe strongly in the products we trade, their nutritional benefits, and their role in making the world a healthier place.

Mai Global Group distinguishing factor lies in our effective management of the supply chain. Our procurement starts directly from the origin. In the mission to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers at competitive prices.

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Variety of Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds For Sale !!.    Ethiopian Whitish Humeral Sesame Seed is the world leading brand for its high quality.  The other major brand next to humeral sesame seed is whitish Wollega Sesame Seeds.

Whitish Humera Type

This has a good demand in the world market & known for its top quality. Also used as a reference for grading in the international market. It has similar smaller proper size and whiter in color, whitish sesame seeds, very good natural whitish color, new crop, well machine cleaned purity min 99%, oil content min 48%, moisture max 6%, free from any kind of infestation etc

Sesame Seeds For Sale
Whitish Humera Type

Wollega Type

Whitish sesame seeds wollega type, usually it is suitable for oil crashing, machine cleaned min 98.5% pure, oil content min 51%, moisture max 6%, free from any kind of infestation etc.

Sesame Seeds For Sale
Wollega Type

Natural Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds For Sale !!.    We offer the Humera type of sesame, which is known to be a premium variety. Native to the Humera district in northwest Ethiopia, it is prized for its white color, large size and special sweet, nutty taste

Specifications of Sesame Seeds

Properties Humera Type Wollega Type
Purity Min. 99% Min. 98%
Admixture Max. 1% Max. 2%
Oil Content Min. 48% Min. 51%
Other Color Seeds Max. 1.5% Max. 2.0%
F.F.A Max. 2% Max. 2%
Moisture Max. 6% Max. 6%

Cleaned, fumigated, free from any alive or dead insects and fit for human conception

Sesame Seeds For Sale


Sesame Seeds For Sale