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Mesotherapy Lipolytic Solution

– What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy Lipolytic Solution !!!...    Mesotherapy is a procedure that is used to treat a variety of aesthetic issues. It involves the use of healing ingredients for the purpose of removing cellulite and fatty tissue, improving hair growth, rejuvenating the skin, slowing down the process of skin aging, and rehydrating the skin, in addition to treating wrinkles, and so on.

– Advantages of Mesotherapy

– Less Invasive

The same results as expensive surgical procedures, without the recovery time. Mesotherapy treatment generally only takes between 4-10 weeks

– Melts Fat Cells

The unique mix of extracts & vitamins used in our products burns away cellulite and carries it into the bloodstream to be absorbed.

– Pain-Free

Using small, easily maneuvered tools allows the injections to be quick, and without the pain of extensive procedures.

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Buy Phosphatidylcholine OR Lipolytic Solution Online

Mesotherapy Lipolytic Solution !!!…    Phosphatidylcholine is also called Lipostabil, a Lipolytic Solution. Naturally abundant in cell membranes, phosphatidylcholine breaks down the fat stored in fat cells (adipocytes). Phosphatidylcholine Lipolytic Solution emulsifies the fat, allowing it to be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported. This makes it the ideal solution for eliminating unattractive localized adiposities. Polyunsaturated Phosphatidylcholine is a liquid form of lecithin, which is an enzyme naturally produced in our body. It is the major component of all cell membranes and the lipoproteins that circulate in the blood. It plays an important role in intra and extracellular metabolic transport.

Phosphatidylcholine facilitates the emulsification of fat into the tiniest particles, enabling the absorption and transportation of fat. After administration, phosphatidylcholine induces an enzymatic reaction, which leads to the dissolution of fat by producing an emulsion of nano-sized monoglycerides that is transported into the liver and metabolized by beta-oxidation. Lipolysis is not a replacement for plastic surgery but a very effective therapy to reduce smaller fat areas. Contains sodium deoxycholate.

Phosphatidylcholine 5% 10ml Vial- with Deoxycholate 2.5% (Lipostabil)

Presentation:  Box of 10 Ampoules, Each Ampoule 5ml OR Box of 5 Vials, Each Vial 10ml |

Administration: Treatment using the traditional mesotherapy method depends on the legislation of each country and has to be performed by mesotherapy-trained staff.

For professional and experienced training in mesotherapy only. All our mesotherapy products are sterile, high in quality, free of preservatives, free of additives, and free of perfume. We supply and distribute our products to Doctors, Medical Spas, as well as beauty clinics.

Price: – $70.00 usd

Mesotherapy Lipolytic Solution
Buy Phosphatidylcholine OR Lipolytic Solution Online

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Mesotherapy Lipolytic Solution
Lipolytic Solution For Sale Near Me