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Levulinic acid For Sale

Levulinic acid (LA) is considered to be one of the promising organic bio-platform chemicals and intermediates for the synthesis of fuels, chemicals, and polymers.

What is Levulinic acid


Levulinic acid, or 4-oxopentanoic acid, is an organic compound with the CH3C(O)CH2CH2CO2H. It is classified as a keto acid. This white crystalline solid is soluble in water and polar organic solvents. It is derived from degradation of cellulose and is a potential precursor to biofuels

Levulinic acid For Sale
Levulinic acid For Sale

Where Can I buy Levulinic acid Online

Levulinic acid has been widely recognized as one of the top bio-based platform chemicals of the future. It is a versatile building block with a clear value proposition in chemicals.

As the world moves from fossil to alternative feed-stocks, levulinic acid can serve as an incredibly versatile building block for chemicals and materials derived directly from biomass.

Derivatives of levulinic acid can successfully address many performance-related issues attributed to petroleum-based chemicals and materials. MAI GLOBAL GROUP is focused on commercializing levulinic acid derivatives through its joint venture business with other manufacturers.


A) –  Levulinic acid esters (LA-esters)

Levulinic acid esters are sold today as niche fruity flavour and fragrance ingredients. However, the increasing demand for green solvents has put levulinates on the mainstream agenda of the chemical industry. As petrochemical solvents are known to be harmful for humans and the environment, levulinic acid derivatives offer a safer and sustainable alternative.

B) – Levulinic acid ketals (LA-ketals)

As solvents:

Levulinic acid esters and ketals are widely appreciated in many applications because of their broad solvency power, high coupling ability, low volatility, high safety profile, and biodegradability.

As plasticizers:

Levulinic acid-derived ketal plasticizers can replace major phthalate-based plasticizers which account for the majority of the world’s plasticizer market. Our plasticizers show excellent compatibility with hydrophilic biopolymers, like PLA, improving their flexibility and overall performance.

As polyol precursors:

Polyols based on levulinate ketals allow reduced isocyanate/catalyst content, no residual unsaturation and are highly compatible with other polyols. The ketal function allows fine tuning of the glass transition temperature to produce visco-elastic polyurethane foams.

C) – Delta-amino levulinic acid (DALA)

Delta-amino levulinic acid (DALA) is a naturally-occurring chemical with a large variety of functions. It is used as a herbicide on lawns and certain grain crops. Increasingly strict environmental protection regulations indicate that the volumes of traditional pesticide chemicals will decrease significantly. DALA is a suitable replacement for traditional herbicides and pesticides. It is also used in pharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment of cancer (photodynamic therapy).

Buy Levulinic acid Online

In the personal care industry, levulinate ketals can be used as formulation aids to dissolve a wide range of actives, thus expanding formulation flexibility and increasing concentration. By incorporating water into anhydrous systems they enable high water loading for moisturizing formulations. By expanding the solubility of ethanol they retaining clarity; By reducing the greasiness of natural formulations they enable the presentation of a dry, silky after-feel.

In other sectors such as industrial or home cleaning, levulinates deliver excellent degreasing/stain removal, are hugely efficient in removing paint, ink or adhesive and offer stable to concentrated formulations without clouding. Whilst for coatings, both the esters and ketals deliver exceptional performance as coalescents or co-solvents.

Our bio-based solvents offer price stability, stable supply and economic efficiency. They are a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to chlorinated solvents, glycol ethers, NMP, aromatic solvents and d-limonene.

Advantages of Levulinic acid

  • Versatility allowing a wide range of downstream transformations
  • Feedstock flexibility, high conversion yields, high productivity and concentrated process streams result in cost-competitive economics
  • Cost-competitive economics are key for fast and successful market introduction of functional derivatives, as well as substantial market growth in the coming years

Safety measures For Levulinic acid

– Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures

Avoid dust formation. Avoid breathing mist, gas or vapours. Avoid contacting with skin and eye. Use personal protective equipment.Wear chemical impermeable gloves. Ensure adequate ventilation.Remove all sources of ignition. Evacuate personnel to safe areas. Keep people away from and upwind of spill/leak.

–  Environmental precautions

Prevent further spillage or leakage if it is safe to do so. Do not let the chemical enter drains. Discharge into the environment must be avoided.

– Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up

Collect and arrange disposal. Keep the chemical in suitable and closed containers for disposal. Remove all sources of ignition. Use spark-proof tools and explosion-proof equipment. Adhered or collected material should be promptly disposed of, in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations.

Handling and storage

–  Precautions for safe handling

Handling in a well ventilated place. Wear suitable protective clothing. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols. Use non-sparking tools. Prevent fire caused by electrostatic discharge steam.

– Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

Store the container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Store apart from foodstuff containers or incompatible materials.

Technical Services

Our team of R&D Experts and Scientists have expertise in all areas of research of Lab Chemicals, Nano Technology, Life Science, Custom Synthesis, Chromatography, and many others.

Levulinic acid For Sale
Levulinic acid For Sale


Mai Global Group’s bio-based levulinic acid and it’s derivatives offer a more sustainable solution for chemicals. It is made directly from biomass which allows for a whole new range of pricing compared to existing processes.

1) – Personal care

Levulinic acid and its derivatives, like sodium levulinate, are used in organic and natural cosmetic compositions for perfuming, skin conditioning and pH-regulating purposes. They give inherent fresh odor, prevent wrinkles and stabilize formulations and emulsions.

Levulinate ketals can be used as formulation aids dissolving a wide range of actives, thus expanding the range of actives and increasing actives concentration; incorporating water into anhydrous systems, thus enabling high water loading for moisturizing formulations; expanding solubility of ethanol, while retaining clarity; and last, but not least, by complimenting to natural formulations to reduce greasiness, while offering a dry, silky after-feel.

2) – Flavors and fragrances

In fragrances, levulinic acid has a creamy whiskey-like odour; in flavors, it is used in compositions to create caramel, butterscotch and maple flavors. In food applications, levulinic acid is used for multiple functions, for instance as pH regulator for formulation. The derivative levulinate ester is also a flavoring agent.

Levulinate ketals and esters solubilize fragrance ingredients and solids, compatibilize fragrances with soy waxes, reduce VOC content in fragrance solutions and act as phthalate-free fragrance fixatives.

3) – Resins and coatings

Levulinic acid can be used for example in waterborne coatings to facitlitate the crosslinking process.

A derivative of levulinic acid, DPA can be used as a potential partial replacement for bisphenol A (BPA) in epoxy resins, by adding functionality such us improved cross-linking, covalently bonded plasticizers and so on.

4) – Pharmaceuticals

Levulinic acid is used in anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. indomethacin), anti-allergy agents, mineral supplements (e.g. calcium levulinate) and transdermal patches.

5) – Agro-chemicals

Delta-amino levulinic acid (DALA) is a naturally-occurring chemical with a large variety of functions. It is used as a herbicide on lawns and certain grain crops. DALA is a suitable replacement for traditional herbicides and pesticides.

Moreover, our levulinic acid based solvents can be used as adjuvants to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agents that control or eliminate unwanted pests. These products are easy to pour and spray, have low odor, are compatible with HDPE and their use does not require special equipment or procedures.

6) – Polymers and plasticizers

Levulinic acid-derived ketal plasticizers can replace major phthalate-based plasticizers which account for the majority of the world’s plasticizer market. Demand is increasing for renewable, phthalate-free plasticizers as sustainability is driving manufacturers to consider alternatives to incumbent plasticizers, especially for biobased polymers and applications for children’s toys, as well as for products in contact with humans.

7) – Solvents

Levulinic acid esters and ketals, gammavalerolactone and MeTHF are derivatives of levulinic acid that are suitable solvents for a number of applications.

Ketals and ester levulinates are used in industries like metal cleaning, remanufacturing, industrial plants cleaning and Industrial & Institutional, levulinate ketals deliver excellent degreasing/stain removal, remove polymers (baked on epoxy, elastomers, etc.), are stable in concentrate formulations without clouding, while having a safe toxicology profile for workers, enabling reduced post waste treatment.

GVL has value advantages over traditional solvents because of its higher solvating power and lower vapor pressure.

MeTHF is appealing for applications in syntheses involving organometallics, organocatalysis, and bio-transformations or for processing lignocellulosic materials. It’s low miscibility with water, make of MeTHF an excellent solvent for extraction processes.

Levulinic acid For Sale
Levulinic acid For Sale