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Export of Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.     MAI GLOBAL GROUP Fruits and Vegetables Division was founded in 1998 as a joint cooperation of the best farmers of the area, agricultural experts and a trader, as a response to the higher demand of the market for qualitative and added value UK’s & Turkish fruits and vegetables.  Our company is engaged in production, export and trading of fresh fruits and vegetables and import of agricultural inputs and seedlings of fruits and vegetables.

MAI GLOBAL GROUP Fruits and Vegetable division alone nowadays has 80 employees and a wide range of products like tomato, cucumber, pepper, cabbage, cherry tomato, leek, melon, watermelon, strawberry, orange, clementine, lemon, peach, cherry, grapes, etc.

The Best Team

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.    The most important asset our company has is our team of professionals, all of whom share the same goals and views: for healthy organic nutrition and improving the environmental situation worldwide.


Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.    As food safety is a top priority in all European food sectors, we provide our customers with the best European certification.

Healthy Farming

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.     We support farmers to farm with health, be viable and to grow nutrient dense mineral rich food for us all to eat


Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.     We always keep dependable, high-quality stock for our customers right on our own premises.

Farmer Cooperation

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.  We have long-term relationships, including contract farming, with producers in suitable geographical locations who share our values.

Strict Supervision

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.  Confirmation of our goods’ organic status is under the strict supervision of our Control Bodies, based on samples that are analyzed in accredited European laboratories prior to export approval.

Sales Guarantee

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.    We guarantee the sale of goods in the European Union at market prices.

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.  Cucumbers are one of the most hydrating vegetables containing over 90% water. Fresh Cucumbers are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this and the high water content aids in the ability to reduce facial swelling and thus is used in many popular facial regimens!

We process these types of cucumbers varieties:  LONG ENGLISH CUCUMBER and MINI CUCUMBER. Packing is done according to the requirements of our customers.


Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!


Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE


What are the benefits of eating cucumbers?

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!.   Eating cucumber has a number of health benefits like better bone health, improved digestion and bowel movement, strangers and healthier hair, fresh breath etc. Cucumber keeps one hydrated and helps prevent and fight kidney stones and cancer cells as well. It is a known remedy for migraine, inflammation and many other types of pains and ailments including that of the heart.

Distribution Temperatures for Cucumbers

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE !!!..   Distribution temperatures for this product are usually between 12°C – 15°C

It should be noted here; that in most mixed product distribution scenarios, Cucumbers along with most other fresh produce is grouped into the chilled storage and distribution network which would be expected to run below 6°C.

Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE
Fresh Cucumbers FOR SALE