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Cream chargers For Sale

We manufacture and test nitrogen dioxide cylinders in accordance with European standards. Compatible with any of the industry standard Nitrous OXide Cylinde, 8g, 580g, 615g Cream Charger (N2O) Nitrous Oxide Bottle belonging to the catering filling device.  We have N2O cylinders  certificated automatic production lines. Our factory has ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TUV, TPED, SGS certifications. Rigorous pressure tests are carried out before shipment to ensure that our customers receive a safe product.

What are Cream Chargers ?

A whipped cream charger is a steel cylinder or cartridge filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) that is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. The narrow end of a charger has a foil covering that is broken to release the gas. This is usually done by a sharp pin inside the whipped cream dispenser.

Cream chargers For Sale

Can anyone buy Nitrous oxide?

Nitrous Oxide is not a controlled substance. Unlike heroin, for example, it is legal to possess Nitrous Oxide, so long as it is for a legitimate purpose. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), not the DEA, enforces the regulations governing Nitrous Oxide.

Where can i buy quality cream chargers Online?

We are Leading manufacturer of N2O Cylinders Whipped Cream Charger, with factory directory price. 8g, 580g, 615g Cream Chargers ,The perfect product for whipping cream quickly and effectively.
Cartridge Volume/Water capacity 0.95l
Testing Pressure 180 bar
Working Pressure 110 bar
Height 300mm
Cartridge total weight 1.9 kg
Size 70mm x 300mm
Valve M11
Color Blue, as customer’s required.
Shelf Life 2 years from date of supply
Label EU dangerous goods label Professional Food Use Only
Certificates CE, SGS, TUV, ISO, TPED