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Conveyor belt scraps For Sale

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!. We offer the largest stock of used belts in Turkey and the UK and we only offer use belts that are in good working condition or have been repaired to meet our top-quality standards, using our state-of-the-art vulcanising procedures that are tried and tested to give you peace of mind you deserve. These belts can be used in any number of fields including mining and steel to scrap yards and agriculture. We know how time-consuming and costly it can be to run a business and will help to save you money without compromising on quality and functionality. Our experts will be able to help you every step of the way to ensure our products deliver the quality you have come to know and expect from our team. Conveyor belt scraps For Sale

Used conveyor belt scraps near me

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!. We are one of the few recyclers in the whole of UK & also in Turkey who is able to professionally prepare and recycle transport belts and conveyor belts of any size. Our modern and innovative machine park allows us to recycle your used transport belts or conveyor belts in a multitude of ways. Only a few recycling companies in Europe are able to sustainably recycle large transport belts. At our company headquarters in the UK and also in Turkey we have a modern machine park with a powerful belt cutting system and an efficient shredding system. We use this machinery to get the most out of your transport belts and conveyor belts. Conveyor belt scraps For Sale

Buy Used Conveyor Belts and Scraps

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!.  Used conveyor belting rubber is much stronger than other rubber materials of similar thickness. Remember, this conveyor belting is designed to carry tons of sharp, pointed things like rock and ore over thousands of feet in mines that dig for things like copper, gold, and coal. In addition, to the actual aggregate it conveys, it is engineered for constant motion, extreme temperatures, etc. The used conveyor belting is rip, tear, and impact resistant. It is tough stuff!

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!.  We also often have steel cable conveyor belting which is even heavier than the rubber belting mentioned above. Instead of having multiple layers of rubber, this scrap belting has steel cables running length-wise the interior of the rubber belting. The cables are about the diameter of a pencil. This steel serves as an anchor for the belting and makes it extra durable when it is laid on the ground. Conveyor belt scraps For Sale

Wholesale Used Conveyor Belts and Scraps

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!.  At Mai Global Group, all second hand belts are thoroughly examined and only belts in good condition or are repairable to a reasonable standard are passed for reuse. Belts rejected are reused for other purposes such as our rubber products and flooring grades. Due to the nature of acquiring it from many different sources, our stock of second hand conveyor belt is always changing. Ranges can include anything from 9mm thick 2ply up to 17mm thick 2200mm wide. Sources can include Quarry and Mines, Steel Works and Power Stations.

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!.  Customers range from Sand and Gravel Quarries, Steel Industries, Crusher and Screen manufactures / letting agents to scrap yards and Agricultural sectors.

Cheap Used Conveyor Belts and Scraps.

Conveyor belt scraps For Sale !!.  Common questions asked by customers:

Q: Do you have standard sizes of used conveyor belting in stock?

A: Our inventory is always changing please call for current conveyor belt inventory sizes…lengths, widths, thicknesses. We can cut the belting to any custom length but ask for a minimum order of 25 feet long. The first cut is free and there is a small fee for every cut there after.

Q: How do you cut the conveyor belt?

A: Used conveyor belting can be cut fairly easily with sharp razor knife. The key to cutting it is technique. First, cut completely through all the plies of the rubber on one edge. Then position your blade at an angle so the blade can cut the entire thickness. With one hand cut across the width of the belt while pulling back the piece you’ve cut with your free hand. Note: If you try to score the conveyor belting a 1/16” of time or so, you’re in for a long process and one very tired arm!

Q: Who is the original manufacturer of your used conveyor belting?

A: We don’t often know the OEM, but much of our belting comes from manufacturers like Fenner Dunlop, Goodyear, Chevron, Bando, Price Rubber, Scandura, Phoenix.

Q: Where does this surplus conveyor belting come from?

A: This belting comes from different mines, quarries, and aggregate pits around the nation that mine such things as copper, coal, limestone, etc.

Q: Is any of your scrap conveyor belting in good enough condition to put back on a conveyor system?

A: Yes, we often have used belting that has enough rubber to be re-installed on a conveyor system. Please contact us for specific details about our good used conveyor belting we have in stock.

Q: Do you ever get scrap or surplus used belting in that is really only good for chipping or grinding?

A: Yes, sometimes we get belting in very poor condition. If you’re interested in used conveyor belting to be ground or chipped please contact us. Remember, the nice thing about scrap conveyor belting is that there is no metal like you find in things like used car and truck tires. Conveyor belt scraps For Sale