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Real Peacock Feathers For Sale

Buy Real Peacock Feathers!! .  We offer only the best and most pretty peacock feathers available. We have natural color and dyed peacock feathers. Most commonly used for centerpieces or costume making, this item can have hundreds of other creative uses. The peacocks natural color is a vibrant blue and green as you can see pictured. It is a majestic beautiful creature that has dramatic flair. This is a unique item to use in your pieces-guaranteed to impress and sure to be a talking point. We carry a range of sizes (based on availability) from small cut 10″-20″ up to our largest 40″-50″ batch. The bigger pack you purchase the less expensive it will be per feather. A pack of 100 peacock feathers will be significantly cheaper then the pack of 10. Pack refers to the number of feathers you will receive. A pack of 100 will be 100 individual feathers each with their own “eye”. No peacocks are hurt to obtain their feathers. Peacocks naturally shed constantly.

– Facts About Peacock Feathers

Buy Real Peacock Feathers !!.   The male is the one with the “train” of feathers that will fan out creating the typically peacock look we think of when we imagine peacocks. Females lack the abundance of beautiful feathers the males have.  The feathers get longer and increase in number as the male matures. These iconic birds are native to south central Asia but are common around the world where they stroll majestically through zoos, farms, estates, and formal gardens. The tail feathers are shed each year in the molt and regrown. They make a gorgeous decor item for home, office, or store standing alone or in combination with long stalk dried reeds and flowers.

Buy Real Peacock Feathers

Buy Real Peacock Feathers !!.    The brilliant, shimmering patterns of authentic peacock feathers are iconic. The deep green and blue hues of the peacock plumage are intended to attract mates for preening ostrich males, and in the world of arts and crafts they can be equally dazzling and effective. No matter the quantity or style you require for your next project, you can find the exact peacock feather for sale at an incredible bargain at Mai Global Group. Purchase a handful of feathers for riveting accent work, or order in bulk for breathtaking centerpieces.
Buy Real Peacock Feathers !!.   Our real peacock feathers are some of our most popular items due to their artistic qualities and durability. Choose from a variety of feathers depending on your needs. The exquisite and extraordinary peacock eye and tail feathers are mighty long at approximately 30 inches in length – these work best for house decoration and bouquets. Wing and body feathers carry that signature design but are much smaller and softer, a wonderful fit for DIY crafts and weddings. For a specific look and design, we also sell cut peacock eye feathers for specialty projects.

-Features & Uses Of Peacock Feathers

The stiff spine and rich colors of peacock sword feathers make them immeasurably versatile, perfect for earring and jewelry work or floral arrangements. Thin and delicate peacock flue feathers are stitched together into thick strips for application to fabric and costumes. Browse our craft peacock feathers for sale and buy in bulk to really save big on your order. Each peacock plume is unique – no two orders will look the same, as these are real peacock feathers.

– Peacock Feathers Specification

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Peacock Feather
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25-30CM    40-45CM    70-80CM   80-90CM   90-100CM        100-110CM
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Buy Real Peacock Feathers
Buy Real Peacock Feathers
Buy Real Peacock Feathers
Buy Real Peacock Feathers