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Buy Quality Hay,  Mai Global Group was founded in 1962 and after years of activity it has become the largest feed company in Europe. It has 5 plants; 3 in the UK and 2 in Turkey and manages 40,000 hectares with a production potential exceeding 400,000 tons, dehydrated in our facilities. The main products produced are: Alfalfa in bales or packs, in pellet and/or cubes, Straw in bales or packs and pellets, Fescue, Ryegrass, Alfamix, cotton Seed, Forage oats, Dehydrated Corn Silage, Timothy, Brome and others, as new lines and product presentations are constantly being created.

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At Mai Global Group, all the production centers have implemented an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system that allows identifying, preventing and controlling chemical, physical and biological hazards that pose a risk to our products. HACCPs are integrated in a Quality System that guarantees the suitability of our entire production process to properly satisfy our customer’s needs and expectations

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Buy Quality Hay, Mai Global Group produces in the United Kingdom as well as Turkey and manages 40,000 hectares with a production potential exceeding 400,000 tons that are dehydrated at our facilities. This ensures the company is capable of supplying product all year round.  The entire Mai Global Group team is committed with the health and welfare of the animals our products are intended for. Thanks to a VERTICALLY integrated production.

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Buy Quality Hay, We offer most types of hay. ( all cuttings in Small and big bales:) ranging from
* Timothy
* Alfalfa
* Brome
* Fescue,
* Ryegrass,
* cotton Seed,
* Forage oats,
* Dehydrated Corn Silage

Having shipped hay to farms, zoos, universities, feed stores , breeding operations , training centers, and retail locations for the past several decades, We have managed to develop the background to know the hay industry thoroughly. We locates prime sources of hay and personally monitors the quality of each year’s crops.

Buy Quality Hay
Buy Quality Hay