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Our Ostrich Feathers are the best selling products we have available all year round. They are Hand selected and dyed in our various facilities in the UK and also in Turkey. Our Ostrich Feathers are among the highest quality feathers available, and come in a wide range of colors. Suitable for use in decorations, costumes and millinery.
Ostriches have unique feathers that are loose, soft, and smooth, giving them a “shaggy” look. Adult male ostriches are black with white wings and tail feathers, while immature birds and adult females have brownish-gray feathers.

– What is ostrich feather made of?

Ostrich feathers are plucked from live birds cared for on large farms of thousands of birds. These farms also produce leather and meat from separate stocks of ostriches. The birds have many layers of feathers for insulation that range in size from very short to extravagantly long.

– Features & Uses Of Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers are perfect for making an ostrich feather centerpiece. We sell the feathers, eiffel tower vases and led lighting all here are wholesale wedding superstore your wedding decoration wholesale supplier.  To complete your eiffel tower centerpiece you will need approx 20-26 feathers depending on the size of your vase.  Our ostrich feathers are available in various sizes and we have lots of colors available including the basic white and black and more.

Ostrich Feathers Specification

Product Item High quality different colors carnival ostrich feathers
Material Ostrich Feathers
Size 15-20cm, 20-25cm, 25-30cm, 30-35cm, 35-40cm, 40-45cm, 45-50cm, 50-55cm, 55-60cm, 60-65cm, 65-70cm, 70-75cm, 75-80cm
Packing According to the request
MOQ 100piece/color
Color Red/White/Black/Purple/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green/Pink and any color available as requirement
Payment Terms T/T, Paypal
Delivery Methods Occasion shipping, Air shipping, UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex, EMS, Turkish Post and UK Post
Strict quality control 1) raw material fumigation — selecting – storage

2) Sterilize — dying — cleaning — drying

3) handmade process — quality inspection — package

4) color process: cleaning — bleaching — dying

5) QC inspection — shipment

Our Advantages 1) Specialized in feather handicrafts

2) Have plenty of stock available of feather material

3) Professional dyeing technology

Usage For jewelry making, arts and crafts, party and wedding decorations, mask, carnival, samba paty and displays, delly dance, carnival and a series of dance, lamp, costume decoration
Delivery times  3-7 days after payment


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Buy Ostrich Feathers
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