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Buy Organic Rice Syrup

Buy Organic Rice Syrup.  To provide a consistent and reliable food source, Mai Global Group has been engaged in manufacturing organic and appealing sweeteners. We aim to transform the food industry and bring a unique taste through our natural food additives by promoting a healthy environment all over the World.  Our products Includes:

Buy Organic Brown Rice Syrup.

Our organic brown rice syrup has a golden brown color and honey-like texture. It is a light-tasting syrup, and we make it with different levels of sweetness. This syrup is a liquid sweetener produced by using enzymatic treatment of organic brown rice by using organic enzymes.

Brown rice syrup is used as an organic sweetener and a healthy alternative in various industries instead of sugar. We offer it in various ranges ranging from 20 DE To 70DE. We offer an organic syrup that contains no fructose or gluten.

Buy Organic Rice Syrup
Buy Organic Rice Syrup

Buy Organic Clarified Brown Rice Syrup

Buy Organic Rice Syrup.    Our organic clarified rice syrup is translucent in color and has a honey-like consistency with a clean sweet flavor. Organic clarified rice syrup is made from the enzymatic process of organic rice using GMO-free organic enzymes that are concentrated and filtered to heavy syrup using 100 percent whole rice. We offer this syrup in different ranges ranging from 20 DE to 70 DE.

Buy Infant Safe Brown Rice Syrup

Buy Organic Rice Syrup.  Our infant Safe syrup is light golden colored and has a clean sweet flavor. It is manufactured through the organic enzymatic rice treatment. GMO-free enzymes are also used in the filtration process to remove heavy metals and insoluble protein. This syrup is good for digestion and can be safely consumed by infants and in pharmaceutical products. We offer this syrup in various food grade ranges ranging from 28DE TO 60 DE.

At Mai Global Group, the whole process of preparing these syrups is done under the supervision of our experienced team members to ensure the quality and safety of our customers.

Buy Malt Syrup

Buy Organic Rice Syrup.  Our malt syrup is produced in 45 to 55 DE food grade using 100 percent organic rice. It is available in both Brown and Clarified grades. This high Malt Syrup is made from the enzymatic treatment of rice using Non-GMO organic enzymes, which are filtered and concentrated into a heavy syrup. It is consumed as a sweetener and in foods because of its excellent moisture absorption, crystallization properties, and moderate sweetness level. Our malt syrup is gluten-free, trans-fat-free, and hypoallergenic.

Application in food industry

Buy Organic Rice Syrup.

1. Rice syrup has smooth sweetness, transparent color, stable antioxidant ability, moderate viscosity, stable chemical properties so it is much used in confectionery industry.

2. Rice syrup has stronger viscosity than liquid glucose so it is much used in canned fruit and fruit beverages which will bring higher viscosity and better taste.

3. Rice syrup has better hydrolysis ability so it is much used in bread or pudding which will bring higher viscosity and better taste.

Product Parameters

1. PH Value: 4.6 ~ 6.0

2. Maltose Percentage (calculated as solids): no less than 50%

3. Solids Percentage: 85%

4. Ash Content: less than 0.3%

5. Sugar Cooking Temperature: no less than 115℃

6. SO2 Content: less than 200 mg per kg

Package and Delivery

1. Bulk package:Plastic drum(58cm×90cm) 、Steel drum(58cm×90cm)、Tinplate(24cmx24cmx36cm) 、IBC 210L

2. Retail package:500g plastic bowl

3. Free design for customized package

4. Delivery Date:7 – 15days after payment

Company Advantages

1. Our rice syrup passed QS, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO22000. And our products will be tested through SGS, CCIC and INTERTEK.

2. Great reputation leads to lots of orders. There is no need to worry about production capacity.

3. Rice syrup using advanced technologies and quality broken rice to make sure all products are qualified with excellent taste.

4. Free samples. OEM and ODM available. Free package design if needed. Multiple payment method.