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– What is Activated Carbons ?

Buy Coconut Shell Activated Carbons !!.   We are a company that produces a full line of activated carbon (pellets, granular, and powder) based on coal, wood, Fruits shell and coconut shells with special emphasis on water treatment, decolorizing applications in food and beverage, chemical processing and pollution control.  Our Activated Carbon has been certified for ASNI/NSF Standard 61 and satisfies the quality requirements of the Food Chemical Codex. 

– Production of Activated Carbons.

Our company has advanced technology and equipment . New type testing equipment , a variety of post-processing equipment and deep processing ultrasonic equipment to speed up production. Activated carbon is widely used in various industries and fields. It plays an essential role in the chemical, metallurgy, water treatment, agriculture, and civil fields. Our equipment can produce activated carbon that can meet the end-user’s requirements from different industries.

– Why Choose US?

– A wide range of raw materials are processable

With many years of production and practical experience and knowledge of the characteristics of various raw materials of activated carbon, MAI GLOBAL GROUP has accumulated rich experience in the production of different types, sizes, and raw materials of activated carbon. For some regions with rich biological resources, especially those with high production of wood, fruits including coconut, activated carbon production can make full use of local natural resources and gain competitive advantages in raw material prices.

– High output & High quality finished Activated carbon

Equipped with a complete production line, our equipment has a patented design and a clear advantage in the production of high-quality activated carbon. Our daily production capacity is up to 6 tons. Because of the advanced equipment, we recycle the heat generated during the production process, while improving the utilization of raw materials, which greatly reduces energy consumption and production costs.

– Full range of equipment availability & Quality service

MAI GLOBAL GROUP provides complete feeding systems, carbonization and activation systems, control and testing systems, exhaust gas treatment equipment, and other related components. We can help you set up your activated carbon production plant from scratch, or we can help you expand and improve your existing plant. MAI GLOBAL GROUP has a professional team and professional services, and our rich experience makes us understand your needs better.

– Typical Properties of some of our Grades of Activated Carbon

Generally speaking, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is determined by its composition. Depending on the iodine adsorbent, methylene blue content, hardness, density, and moisture content of activated carbon, the quality, and price of activated carbon may vary.

Item(Carbonized material) Iodine Sorption Value Standard Methylene Blue Moisture Intensity Yield Rate Output 24 hours/D
Coconut Shell >1000 >9.5 <3 >98 2.1:1 3t-5t
Apricot Kernel Shell >1000 >10 <3 >96 2.3:1 2.6t-4t
Charcoal >1000 >12 <3 >95 3:1 2.2t-4t
Coal >800-1000 >8 <3 >94 2.8:1 3t-6t

Buy Coconut Shell Activated Carbons

Coconut shell Activated Carbon pellets / granular are an additional range of standard products that Mai Global Group is able to offer directly from our parent company factory.  Pelletised carbons consist of powdered carbon that is held together with a chemical binder and extruded into cylinders.Pellets offer advantages in handling and provide consistent pressure drop in gas flow applications.Our coconut shell based activated carbon pellets are exceptionally clean, hard and consistent and have high purity levels, and high ignition temperature for added safety in critical applications.

Coconut Based Activated Carbon pellets are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.5 mm
  • 2 mm
  • 3 mm
  • 4 mm
  • 5 mm

– Common Uses

Coconut based Activated Carbon pellets are often used as air treatment media and in solvent recovery applications.

– Impregnated Carbons

Standard coconut based carbons can be impregnated at our UK facility for improved performance against selected challenge constituents.

Buy Coconut Shell Activated Carbons
Buy Coconut Shell Activated Carbons
Buy Coconut Shell Activated Carbons
Coconut shell granular powder activated carbon