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Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. MAI GLOBAL GROUP offers its customers many years of expertise and experience in chemical plant engineering – from the execution of process studies to the handling of projects on a Domestic & International basis. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art processes for the production of ammonium nitrate (AN) as fertilizers and the production of Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate, also known as Low-Density Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN) available to the mining and other Industrial uses. If you’re looking for ammonium nitrate for target practice or even fertilizer, you’re in the place. We provide the highest quality exploding targets at the lowest prices because we cut out the middlemen. When you buy your ammonium nitrate from us, you’re getting the highest quality because we source from the best suppliers, keep it securely sealed in a temperature-controlled environment, and ship our supplies out fast. Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled

Highest Quality Ammonium Nitrate

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. What determines the quality of ammonium nitrate? Every distributor in the business is sourcing from similar suppliers. Most of the quality is the same initially. However, because we are the big guys with large production facilities, our ammonium nitrate is delivered to you as fresh as possible. We keep it securely sealed in a temperature-controlled storage facility, and it does not sit there long before we ship it. You get the freshest ammonium nitrate possible when you choose us. Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled

Ammonium Nitrate Prilled (34.5% N) – (Agricultural grade)

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. Ammonium Nitrate Prilled (34.5% N) is a white crystalline, dry prill with the chemical formula NH4NO3. It is made by reacting nitric acid with anhydrous ammonia under very carefully controlled conditions. The resulting material is further processed to form granular prills. Pure Ammonium Nitrate is water soluble. Conditioning agents are added to Ammonium Nitrate so a typical analysis is 34.5% Nitrogen by weight. Ammonium Nitrate Prilled (34.5% N) is a quality prilled ammonium nitrate fertilizer suitable for use on all crops.

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. Ammonium Nitrate Prilled (34.5% N) contains nitrogen as both nitrate and ammonium. Plants require nitrogen in the ammonium and nitrate forms, so by applying these forms the nutrients are immediately available for plant growth. Nitrates are the most efficient form of nitrogen and are key to achieving optimum yields.

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. Ammonium Nitrate Prilled (34.5% N) is a homogeneous, uniform sized, prilled fertilizer for even spreading over wide bout widths.
Ammonium Nitrate Prilled (34.5% N) – (Agricultural grade)

Production Capacity

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. MAI GLOBAL GROUP offers plants for the production of LDAN/CPAN with a capacity of up to 7,200 mtpd and is one of the leading licensors for these processes.

Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN) Industrial Grade.

Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) ANFO Grade 99%

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled
Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) ANFO Grade 99%

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate, also known as Low-Density Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN) is one of the most popular and economically-priced blasting chemicals available to the mining industry. Ammonium Nitrate is the most widely used component because it is an excellent oxidizer. Mai Global group supplies ammonium nitrate porous prills that are ready to absorb more than 5% oil. This highly-porous explosive grade ammonium nitrate mixes into a uniform ANFO on-site and offers enhanced flowability and handling.


Reliable Supply

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. MAI GLOBAL GROUP is always prepared to fulfill orders as they’re placed and deliver the product customers need.

Commitment to Safety

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. MAI GLOBAL GROUP has been safely and responsibly distributing Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) for decades and continues to make advancements through improved packaging options, on-site unloading services, and comprehensive training for our customers.

Dedicated Support

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. Whether it’s assisting with Porous Prill Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) handling or regulatory needs like licensing, permitting, and compliance monitoring, support is available.


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Physical Properties

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled !!. Appearance: White crystals, odorless, hygroscopic, deliquescent.

Form: White hygroscopic crystals, Transparent, hygroscopic, deliquescent crystals or white granules/prills

Odor: Odorless

Boiling point: 210℃

Melting/freezing point: 169℃

Specific gravity: 1.725

Flashpoint: 210°C

Molecular Formula: H4N2O3

Explosive Grade AN Porous Prills for Civil Explosives

Specifically designed for mining and blasting industry use
Create uniform ANFO when mixed with fuel
Non-caking formula with low moisture content agglomerates easily and won’t set
Low particle density promotes even absorption of fuel for improved detonation
Good friability, low clay content, and non-caking consistency ensure consistent results
Ideal prill size distribution for blasting (6-20 mesh)

Lightly-Coated Ammonium Nitrate Prills

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. Our supplies are ideal for civil engineering and explosives manufacture as well as open cut coal and metal, underground, and quarry mining. Mai Global Group’s Ammonium Nitrate is specifically designed to be used as an emulsion explosive base in ANFO, WR ANFO, Heavy ANFO emulsion, and water-gels.

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Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. Very stable in emulsion mixtures, our AN-PP is free-flowing, non-caking, and easy to agglomerate, but won’t set. With ammonium nitrate content of greater than 99% and a high oil absorption rate, our porous prills create superior detonations. They also offer excellent resistance to friability and high compressive strength.

Are You Spending Too Much on Blasting Chemicals?

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. Explosives are among the top 15 expense items for many mining companies. Ammonium nitrate is one of the most expensive chemical components of emulsion-based bulk explosives and if it’s blocky, lumps, and cakes, you’re in trouble. Our AN-PP is lightly coated with an anticaking agent to prevent it from caking, thermocycling, collecting dust, or gathering moisture through condensation.

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. You can’t afford blocked pump hoses and you shouldn’t have to pay more to get reliably high-quality ammonium nitrate PP. That’s why Mai Global Group also negotiates with multiple, reliable, and ISO-certified suppliers for you. We too work with reliable suppliers who use Mai global group’s patented technology and we regularly inspect these supplier facilities to make certain the end product meets our standards, is non-caking, readily absorbent, and flows freely.

Buy Ammonium Nitrate Prilled  !!. Our careful selection and inspection process guarantees that you obtain the highest quality and purity ammonium nitrate porous prills for the best price. Mai Global Group’s end-to-end logistics delivers the mining chemicals you need directly to your site. On-time delivery, consistent quality, and reliable suppliers make Mai Global Group’s AN-PP the choice of companies in more than 30 mining regions around the globe.