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Processing of Recycled Aluminum to Granules

Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap !!  In recent years, the processing of aluminum scrap (mainly chips and used drink cans) has attracted increasing attention. Aluminum scrap has a complex chemical composition based on aluminum (> 90%). Magnesium, zinc, silicon, iron, etc., are the main impurities. Sources of impurities are the composition of the alloy for producing drink cans (mainly, Al–Mg alloy containing up to 3%–4% Mg) and mechanical impurities that enter into the scrap due to inefficient sorting, classification, and storage of the scrap.

Nowadays, all over the world, the main method of processing aluminum scrap is remelting in units of various types. The melt is usually cast into ingots. In some cases, the melt is granulated or gas atomized to produce powder of recycled aluminum (for example, APV powders). These remelting-casting technologies are rather power consuming.

Processing of aluminum scrap to powders and granules is an alternative to remelting scrap to produce ingots. The advantage of this technology is that it is a simpler and cheaper process of producing granules from recycled aluminum. The size of granules is easily regulated by the adjustment of grinders and varies from 1 to 10 mm. Such granules are used more effectively than ingots in ferrous metallurgy for steel deoxidation.

Where can i buy Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap?

Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap !!.    MAI GLOBAL GROUP !!  is the world’s leading dealers in the Aluminum industry. Our products are supplied to all cities and industrial areas in the UK , Turkey and worldwide. As a leading Aluminum supplier, we can offer value added processing services like cutting (any size), drilling, welding, milling, machining as per customer requirements.

Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap

Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap !!. It is the most common alloy used for aluminum extrusions. Normally, Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap shall consist of clean aluminum profile extrusions including window, shop fittings, irrigation tubes and door frames. However, it must be free of screws, iron components, plastics, rubber or other foreign materials.

Chemical composition·

Silicon minimum 0.2%, maximum 0.6% by weight

· Iron no minimum, maximum 0.35%

· Copper no minimum, maximum 0.10%

· Manganese no minimum, maximum 0.10%

· Magnesium minimum 0.45%, maximum 0.95%

· Chromium no minimum, maximum 0.10%

· Zinc no minimum, maximum 0.10%

· Titanium no minimum, maximum 0.10%

· Other elements no more than 0.05% each, 0.15% total

· Aluminum ; Remainder

Si 0.2 to 0.60
Fe 0.0 to 0.35
Cu 0.0 to 0.10
Mn 0.0 to 0.10
Mg 0.45 to 0.9
Zn 0.0 to 0.1
Ti 0.0 to 0.1
Cr 0.1 max
Al Remainder

1. Alloy: 6063-T5/T6
2. Length: 3-6.5 m
3. Normal anodizing thickness: 8 to 12 micro
4. Normal powder coating thickness: 60 – 100 micro
5. Tensile Strength: ≥160 MPa
6. Yield strength: ≥110 MPa
7. Extensibility: ≥8%
8. Hardness (HW): ≥8

Typical Applications;

Architectural and building products
• Door and window frames
• Electrical components and conduit
• Railings and furniture
• Pipe and tube for irrigation systems
• Heatsinks etc

Packaging Details;

1.Compressed into rectangular block
2. 50kgs/bag, 1000kgs/bag
3. 50kgs/bale, 50kgs/bundle
4. 20mt/20’fcl, 25mt/40’fcl


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Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap
Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap


Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap
Aluminum Extrusion 6063 Scrap