Mai Global Group, is established with the experience and knowledge accumulated for three generations. Its foundations reach over to 1962Mai Global Group, consists of manufacturer and trading companies which work on the production, domestic and foreign trade of Minerals, Plastic raw materials, chemicals, Agricultural seeds and cereals.

The headquarters, production plant and storage depots of Mai Global Group, are established in London, United Kingdom & Diyarbakir Turkey’s Organized Industrial Region on a total land of 12.000 m2.

Mai Global Group is manufacturing oil, Plastic raw materials , chemicals, Agricultural seeds and cereals in global standards. Oil plant has 50.000 MT/Year, Plastic raw materials plant has 40.000 MT/Year, chemicals plant has 30.000 MT/Year, Agricultural plant has 50.000 MT/Year production capacity. Production plants have a total storage capacity of 70000 MT.

Mai Global Group operates in compliance with the highest international standards in the areas of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection and customer satisfaction.

Following the adoption of a resolution to maintain the company activities under a corporate structure, Mai Global Group is working with the certifications of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, GMP and GHP Certifications.

Mai Global Group (Mai Global Group Dış Ticaret Co., Ltd), which continues its investments and R&D facilities by its equity capital and strong finance structure, aims to be leader in its sectors with its modern management and innovational style by finding valuable solutions for variating expectations of customers without changing its product and service quality. MAI Global Group is continuously renewing and improving its company image.